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AI for Life, een podcastserie over Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen e.o.

AI for Life, een podcastserie over Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen e.o.

In de podcastserie AI for Life wordt gesproken met experts die gepassioneerd zijn over Artificial Intelligence (AI) en de innovaties die in het kennisnetwerk Lifeport in de regio Arnhem – Nijmegen, met Wageningen ontstaan. De experts bestaan uit onderzoekers vanuit Radboud AI en regionale ondernemers die kennis en expertise omzetten in bedrijvigheid en innovaties. De podcast AI for Life is een samenwerking van Briskr, Radboud Universiteit, Radboudumc en The Economic Board.

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Briskr online workshop: No patent without strategy

In this webinar No patent without strategy we will use a fictional case study to address a number of common challenges and pitfalls.
How to handle a competitors patent?
How to balance trade secrets and patent applications, also in view of funding/investor incentives?
How to stay focused when you are building your innovation?
What rights does a patent actually confer?
And, what to do when a third party infringes on your patent rights?

After the fictional case study there will be an opportunity to discuss questions and cases relevant to your own business in a group setting.

As the webinar tool from Kadans is not suited for this purpose, we will continue the session in a Zoom meeting from Briskr.

Are you interested? You can let us know when you register, we will contact you for your questions/cases (if any) and we will send you a Zoom login link by email.

Ard Ellens – Patent Attorney, EDP
Ruben van Heck – Attorney Trainee, EDP

Webinar: Tom Straeter – Senior Ecosystem Manager, Kadans Science Partner
Interactive session: Martijn Kriens – Business Support Manager, Briskr

14:00 – 14:55  Presentation by EDP
15:00 – 16:30  Interactive session for discussion of individual questions/cases

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Medical Device Regulation, healthcare, pitchevent; gezondheidsapps Axon webinar

Brilliant business models in Healthcare

Who is your client?

As an entrepreneur in healthcare you can have a great product to improve quality and efficiency in healthcare but still have a hard time selling it. The decision to use new technologies is divided between healthcare organisations and professionals, insurance companies and sometimes even patients. Often costs and returns are in different hands making renumeration hard. So how to sell prevention to doctors leading to a loss of hospital turnover?

This online workshop will focus on renumeration in Health care systems in general and specifically on the Dutch Healthcare system. It will give insight in the way the Healthcare system is organized to provide universal coverage for all, and what you should know if you want to get your innovation implemented and funded within The Netherlands and abroad.

Jeroen Kemperman is sr. Manager Strategy & Business Development at Achmea/Zilveren Kruis and writer of several books on business models. He does this from his background in industrial engineering as well as from his practical perspective of working in healthcare. For his books he has researched working business models in the complex world of world-wide healthcare.

Book & Registration
In preparation of the workshop (and for future reference) we will send you the recommended book ‘Brilliant business models in Healthcare‘ from Jeroen Kemperman, Jeroen Geelhoed & Jennifer op ’t Hoog (or in Dutch: ‘Briljante Businessmodellen in de Zorg’).

cluster health, hightech, food 2021; John Baekelmans; imec OnePlanet; Beslissing OnePlanet

Cluster Health, Hightech, Food gaat organiserend en investerend vermogen verder aanjagen

Cluster Health, Hightech, Food gaat organiserend en investerend vermogen verder aanjagen

Het iconische cluster Health, Hightech, Food (HHF) van The Economic Board heeft in 2020 een stevige fundering neergelegd. Het doel, zo vertelt civic entrepreneur John van Sambeek, is om het organiserend en het investerend vermogen van de regio verder aan te jagen. Dat eerste gebeurde het afgelopen jaar al volop, dat tweede is in 2021 een van de belangrijkste ambities van het cluster Health, Hightech, Food.

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subsidie orion; SMART-regeling COVID-19; Michiel Scheffer; huis der provincie Gelderland, subsidie landbouw; DAW

Subsidie voor Orion en Gelders start-up ecosysteem

Subsidie voor Orion en Gelders start-up ecosysteem

Orion is een netwerkorganisatie die ondersteuning en begeleiding biedt aan innovatieve start-ups uit de provincie Gelderland. De netwerkorganisatie bestaat uit de partners ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten, Radboud Universiteit, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein, Hogeschool Saxion, Rabobank, Kiemt, Generation-E, CIVON en Oost NL.

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Webinar stressvrij

Briskr webinar: ondersteuning ondernemers (vervolg)

Op 14 mei organiseert Briskr het derde deel van het webinar ‘Ondersteuning voor ondernemers bij de gevolgen van de coronacrisis‘. Dit webinar is interessant voor start-ups en scale-ups. Voor deze bedrijven zijn de omstandigheden extra complex. De overheid introduceert volop maatregelen en steunfondsen, maar het is niet altijd duidelijk wat de voorwaarden zijn. Tijdens dit webinar kunt u al uw vragen stellen.

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data briskr

Briskr Academy Webinar – The potential gains & legal constraints of using data

Briskr organiseert op 16 april de online webinar: The potential gains & legal constraints of using data. Het gebruik van alledaagse data met behulp van kunstmatige intelligentie en zelflerende systemen staat hierin centraal. Het potentieel van data in bijvoorbeeld de gezondheidszorg is enorm, maar brengt ook vraagstukken met zich mee. Daarom brengt deze workshop ook wettelijke beperkingen en vraagstukken op het gebied van privacy onder de aandacht.

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Start-ups; Business Growth Circles

Business Growth Circles moet Nijmeegse bedrijven helpen doorpakken

Business Growth Circles moet Nijmeegse bedrijven helpen doorpakken

De Nijmeegse accelerator Briskr begint in samenwerking met het Eindhovense NextOEM aan een nieuwe serie Business Growth Circles. In een jaar tijd worden ondernemers geholpen om de stap van start-up naar scale-up te maken.

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Nijmeegse start-up Teamscope; Workshop Patent or Trade Secret

Science Meets Business: The art of quality assays

Dr. Elena Volokhina, scientific researcher at the pediatric nephrology department of the Radboudumc will inform us how research and daily practice come together. What is the necessity of well-developed assays for her line of work and how does this ensure quality and reproducibility?

Future Diagnostics Solutions is global player in the IVD Medical Device Market and offers high-quality IVD immunoassay development services for start-ups, mid-sized biotech companies and multinationals. Mike Martens, Scientific Business Executive of FDx, will explain the process of assay development together with their clients, like Radboudumc; “From Immuno Assay to an IVD Product”

Hycult Biotech is also a global player in the IVD market. Maarten Jonkers, Marketing & Sales manager, will tell us about the expertise needed for scaling assay production without losing quality; “The art of quality assays”

Together the panel of speakers form the pipeline of assay development, production and utilization, this meeting is a great opportunity to learn more about the possibilities in this field!

Presentations are in English and the entrance is free. We welcome new guests, so please feel free to pass on this invitation to relevant people in your network!

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