The Economic Board-leden

Team Members

Bernard de Graaf

Bernard de Graaf

Chair VNO-NCW Arnhem - Nijmegen and Managing Director Rupro beheer B.V.

Bernard de Graaf is Managing Director at Rupro B.V. and Chair of VNO-NCW Arnhem – Nijmegen. He feels very strongly about cooperation with local entrepeneurs and governments, in which he considers the job market, mobility and sustainability to be crucial issues.
Ben Geerdink

Ben Geerdink

Chair of the executive board of Rijn IJssel

In his role as chair of the executive board of Rijn IJssel College, Ben Geerdink is committed to educating genuine professionals. He sees the social task of Rijn IJssel to educate students sustainably: to a position in today and tomorrow’s employment markets and for active participation in society.
Carol van Eert

Carol van Eert

Mayor of Municipality of Rheden

Carol van Eert, mayor of the Municipality of Rheden, is also closely concerned with the Arnhem - Nijmegen regional administration. As vice-chairman, he works on the development of the regional economy.

Jan van Dellen

Alderman Municipality of Arnhem

Jan van Dellen is alderman for Economic Affairs at the Municipality of Arnhem. He is also chair of the regional assembly of portfolio administrators who make agreements on regional economic development.
Renée Verhulst

René Verhulst

Mayor of the Municipality of Ede, Chair Triple Helix, Chair Foodvalley Region

René Verhulst is mayor of the Municipality of Ede. Ede is part of the FoodValley Region, a first-class European region and international home base for companies and knowledge and research institutions focusing on sustainable and healthy food and heathy people.

Daniël Wigboldus

Chair of the board of governors of Radboud University

Daniël Wigboldus is chair of the board of governors of Radboud University in Nijmegen. Wigboldus is closely involved with the development of and innovations in education. Radboud University offers various partnership opportunities for businesses, organisations and institutes.
Enny van der Velden CCV GROup

Enny van de Velden


Enny van de Velden is the chairman and CCO of family business CCV Group. She has years of experience in branding, change management and experience marketing.
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