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Bijzondere kans voor regionale ondernemers met groeiambitie: in gesprek met de sparringpartners en investeerders van CapitalChange

Regional entrepreneurs looking to grow or actualise an exit strategy, and who are looking for advice and support in the process, can meet the sparring partners and investors of CapitalChange on 22, 23 and 24 September. CapitalChange consists of a group of specialists in the fields of growth, value creation, fusions and mergers, who also have the option to invest. A unique opportunity

CapitalChange consists of experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs with an extensive track record (read more about the experiences of the partners at the bottom of this message). They support directors, large shareholders, and management teams with everything to do with growth and value creation, in all phases of their enterprise. This might have to do with attracting capital, devising an acquisition concept, or selling a business.

Sparring partners

This collaboration is such a natural fit  because CapitalChange is also from the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Wageningen area. The partners therefore have a strong connection to the region and keep the interest of the region in mind when providing their support. Their position allows them to create powerful partnerships in the regional business sector, for instance.

Furthermore, the partners of CapitalChange aren’t just advisors; they’re true sparring partners. Through their hands-on approach, they help companies grow and thrive. They spend time with the entrepreneur, without taking their seat, and support with everything important. Another interesting, important detail, is that the partners have the option of investing in companies themselves.

Obligation-free talks

The talks that are planned for September are free of any obligation; they’re purely meant for everyone to get acquainted with one another. Entrepreneurs looking to make us of this opportunity, may contact Richard Dobbelmann: “We only schedule meetings if we expect there to be a good fit between those concerned. CapitalChange is looking for businesses with a strong focus on growth and value creation or companies who are selling or executing some other kind of exit.”

 Entrepreneurs looking to make us of this opportunity, may contact Richard Dobbelmann: or +31 6 54757573

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