SME deal Arnhem-Nijmegen: joining forces to invest €1.6 million in SMEs

Stimulating digitisation in SMEs is the goal of Sm@rt Together, aka the SME deal Arnhem-Nijmegen. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change (EZK) has allocated €400,000 to move this forward. The total investment in SMEs amounts to €1.6 million, thanks to a significant financial contribution from the regional municipalities.

Over the next three years, the eighteen municipalities in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, together with the province of Gelderland and various business associations, will help hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in the region, via consultation and investments in and for digitisation. From creating a webshop or social media campaign to developing sales markets and profit models. Most SMEs realise, partly due to the developments surrounding Covid-19, that digitisation offers opportunities for growth and innovation, but often do not have the money, time and knowledge to pursue this approach.

Joining forces

Two factors were key to the Arnhem -Nijmegen region receiving the Sm@rt Together SME deal: the two regions combining forces and, second, important financial contributions from the municipalities.

The SME deal is an important opportunity to support small and medium-sized enterprises in our region.

Peter de Baat, mayor of the Montferland municipality and the region’s administrative pioneer of the proposal, is pleased with the results achieved. “The SME deal is an important opportunity to support small and medium-sized enterprises in our region. It offers them a boost to cement their place in the ever-developing information society. A wonderful result for the entrepreneurs, the eighteen municipalities of the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and the province of Gelderland.”

Activities SME deal Arnhem-Nijmegen

The region will be organising various activities for and with companies over the next three years. Typical events will be 1-2-1 support through information meetings, vouchers redeemable for specific services, and work sessions with experts where companies can share knowledge and experience. In addition, there will be intensive cooperation between entrepreneurs, centre managers and local governments; a tailor made approach that will ultimately benefit local and regional economies.

The SME deal Arnhem-Nijmegen connects to existing initiatives that are already stimulating in-company digitisation, such as the Digital Workshop Arnhem-Nijmegen and Boost’s Advice Vouchers programme.

Joint proposal

The Sm@rt Together SME deal was submitted by eighteen municipalities in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region (Arnhem, Berg and Dal, Beuningen, Doesburg, Druten, Duiven, Heumen, Lingewaard, Montferland, Mook and Middelaar, Nijmegen, Overbetuwe, Renkum, Rheden, Rozendaal, Westervoort, Wijchen, and Zevenaar), the Province of Gelderland, the Economic Board, Rabobank, RCT Gelderland, RVN@ and the entrepreneurs’ associations: VNO-NCW Midden, OKA, Lindus, Veron, ECN, OCO and StaB.

More information about the SME deal Arnhem-Nijmegen

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